Friday, August 22, 2008

What I learned today

The pharmacy in my neighbourhood actually has an ear care section. I honestly never noticed all of those ear care products before. It's right beside the eye care section. The ear care section has a few products that claim to be able to do something about ear wax build-up. My ear is a lot less clogged up, than it was yesterday, but it's still not all cleared up yet.

I went to the pharmacy today and picked up something called Murine Ear Drops and started using it. The package says to use it "twice daily for up to 4 days if needed", so I'm going to use it for up to 4 days and see how things go. I've used it once so far and I think it's improved things a bit more.


  1. Murine should work well for you. When my daughter was a newborn, we used it on her ears because she squirmed too much for us to use Q-Tips (although those aren't really recommended now, either). The ear wax just fell out of her ear and we wiped the outside of her ear off with a baby wipe.

  2. That stuff is amazing. Until yesterday, I wasn't letting it 'soak' for long enough. A 20 minute 'soak' seems to be what was required for me.