Tuesday, August 12, 2008


My Timetable was available on the Student Portal yesterday. A few things about my timetable:
  • 9 hours of Anatomy and Physiology every week! I have 3 A&P courses in first semester (regular A&P, cardiovascular A&P and pulmonary A&P). Is the human body really that complicated? (Air goes in. Air goes out. Blood goes round and round. What else does an RT need to know?)
  • My earliest classes are at 8AM. I was kind of hoping 9AM. Waking up at 7AM, like a civilized human being!
  • My elective is an ethics course. Do not lie, cheat or steal. If you lie cheat or steal, you will be punished.
  • If I get an exemption for my ethics elective, my first class on Tuesday will be at 10AM. I don't lie cheat or steal, so I don't need to be taught about that! Sleeping in, until 9AM on Tuesdays!
  • My first class on Friday is at 10AM. Sleeping in, until 9AM on Fridays!
  • I finish classes on Monday at 11AM. Very Happy to see that. I have some stuff I want to do, in another city, late Monday afternoon.
  • My General Therapeutics course has a theory and a lab component.
  • The General Therapeutics lab is for 2 hours on Friday. I'm pretty sure that I only have to wear scrubs in the lab, which would mean that I only have to wear scrubs once a week on Friday.
  • There seems to be a job shadowing component in the first semester. That appears on my timetable for 4 hours on Thursday. I don't think that it's for 4 hours every Thursday, because I only get 24 credit hours for it. I'm guessing that it will be for 4 hours for 6 weeks.
  • Without the job shadowing stuff, I have 22 hours of class and lab.
  • My latest classes are finished at 3PM.


  1. Honestly, I'd rather start early and finish early.

    All of my classes start around 10AM-12PM everyday. On Mondays, I get out at 9PM and I'll be at a campus that's an hour away from where I live. Luckily, it's only for the first 8 weeks...and I only have to be at this campus once a week...

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