Saturday, March 06, 2010

Things going better now

I actually passed my last High Fidelity Simulation, which was the first one that counted for marks. Quite a few people had trouble with that one. I got a mark that was just over 80%. I was actually working with 'little miss perfect' on that one and it went really well. I had a chat with her and she seems to aware of what she needs to do to improve on in simulation. She's not shy about pointing out her failings, in sim, and made a point of warning me about them and offering advice on how I can help to make them less of an issue if they come up. I'm not shy about doing that either.

The low mark streak has been broken. I got a 94% on a recent test. I wrote half of my midterm exams last week and will write the rest next week. I hope they all work out well.