Saturday, July 15, 2006

A bit of a detour

I was pleasantly surprised to find that my blog still exists. I've taken a bit of a detour from my plans since my last posting.

I went back to school, full time in January, to study Biotechnology. While I was in school I continued my cubicle rat job on a part time basis. After doing my job, "my cubicle time", on a part time basis, I don't actually hate my job anymore. School has been pretty interesting, but I must admit that it's been quite a grind. A couple of weeks ago I dropped a couple of courses to reduce my workload at school, so that I would have more time for work. I can't believe it. I actually want to spend more time at work!

I had actually given up on my aspiration to become a Paramedic. I just can't seem to shake my desire to become a Paramedic though. I've started to think of my IT job is plan A, Biotechnology as my plan B and Paramedicine as my plan C. I guess I'm going to be following plan A, B and C for the foreseeable future. Now I know my ABCs...

A couple of days ago I was thinking about updating my resume. I got to thinking about what I would list as hobbies and interests, if I felt inclined to put that on my resume or the topic came up in an interview. At this point my hobbies and interests would have to include: Information Technology, Skydiving and Biotechnology.

I haven't gone skydiving since May of last year, so I hope to be getting back into the air some time soon. Skydiving hasn't really been an option lately, given my lack of funds and lack of time.

I've taken a couple of English courses, since being back in school and have actually developed an interest in doing some writing. Maybe work, school and skydiving, and my progress towards becoming a paramedic, will give me some moderately interesting things to write about.