Monday, August 18, 2008

The great paper sale of 2008

OK. This may be the lamest post ever. I'm all excited because I bought 1200 sheets of paper. It was on sale. $0.47 for a pack of 200 sheets. I almost bought some at the local pharmacy for almost $3.00 a pack!

There was a limit of 6 per customer, so I bought 6. With taxes, that only cost me $2.82. I might go back for more tomorrow.


  1. Break open your ABG chem book....start reading....

    Or, better yet, break open the White book and get a jump on Gas tanks, O2 appliances and other modes of tourture.

    Make a list of questions and annoy all the RT's you know online ;)

  2. You bet I'll be making that yearly trip and stock up for the year. We get tons for the kids, and tons more for me, because I like to write. It always stings when we run out of those 20 cent notebooks and have to pay $3.00.

  3. Heidi:
    No. I'm too busy playig Halo 3. I must finish the fight, again.

    I'm a bit miffed because I didn't go and buy more. I won't be able to go again, before the sale is over.

  4. I had bought 200 sheet paper for $0.10 a pack with a limit of 7. I was lucky that they still had college ruled.