Monday, August 04, 2008

Not what I wanted

My new most favorite TV show is on a Canadian TV channel called CLT (Canadian Learning Television). The TV show is called Situation Critical and it's about the trauma center at Sunybrook Hospital in Toronto. It follows patients and medical professionals as they are dealing with various sorts of traumatic injuries. I've seen about 3 or 4 eisodes so far and I'm quite impressed with how the show has been done. At first I was kind of shocked to see how graphic the program was. I'm actually quite interested in seeing all of the blood and gore, but I'm kind of surprised that it's being shown on a mass market education channel at 9PM on a Sunday night.

Most of the show focuses on the Trauma Doctors when they're treating patients but they do frequently acknowledge the other people who are a part of the trauma team. They did a good segment on the RNs who are a part of the Trauma Team, in a recent episode. As I've been watching the show, I've been trying to identify the RTs that are working in the trauma room and was hoping that they would mention RTs in one of the episodes.

They mentioned an RT in last nights episode, but not in the way that I was hoping for. A 50 year old women was brought in after being ejected from a car during a car accident. She was conscious and was bleeding a lot from a nasty head laceration. She was in a lot of pain and heard one of the Doctors give an order to draw up some Fentanyl. As soon as the Fentanyl was mentioned the patient said something like, "Yes, please, Fentanyl...". The person closest to the patients head found the patients reaction kind of funny and asked her how she knew that word and was told that, "I'm an RT". Everyone stops for a few seconds and the Trauma Surgeon asks her where she works. She works at Mt. Sinai. At that point the narrator dramatically states that, "The patient has just identified herself as a Respiratory Therapist from...Mt. Sinai" and then goes on to refer to her as one of the trauma teams colleagues.

The RT was actually pretty lucky. Other than the head laceration, she had a concussion which seems to have resulted in some minor problems with her memory. A few weeks after the accident, she was talking about how she could find herself sitting at a traffic light and not knowing where she was going.

Crap. That's not what I wanted, when I wanted RTs to be mentioned on that TV show.


  1. Every now and then we pop up on TV. One of my hobbies is to watch "Trauma: Life in the ER" and try to pinpoint the RTs.

  2. I have never heard of this CLT station? Is it some speciality channel, it clearly does not come with my basic cable package.

  3. It's a specialty channel that comes with the VIP package.

    I think I'm going to have to switch over to basic cable, when school starts. My cable TV bill is ridiculous. I'm going to miss watching all of that TV :-( If I'm lucky, I'll be too busy to miss all of those specialty channels.

    To improve my financial health, I'll probably also end up cancelling my home phone and selling a few of those redundant organs that I can do without. I think I can get by with just a cell phone, one lung and one kidney.

  4. "Every now and then we pop up on TV. One of my hobbies is to watch "Trauma: Life in the ER" and try to pinpoint the RTs."

    I've tried doing this lately. I assume that they are the ones always at or near the head of the bed in the trauma baying, holding a N/C or intubation supplies, and they ask, "Are you having any trouble breathing?"

    Trauma: Life in the E.R. is an awesome show. I also like Code Blue, The Critical Hour, Untold Stories of the ER, and Mystery Diagnosis. I thought I'd like to Dr. G: Medical Examiner but they never show anything. :-(