Saturday, August 02, 2008

Current Student

On Friday I received a big envelope from the college. The envelope contained a student Orientation Guide, Student Enrollment Form and instructions for picking an elective. The Student Enrollment Form shows a status of Enrolled for all of my courses and lists the choices that I have for my elective. All of the instructions in the orientation guide, and on the sheet that explains how to choose my elective, tell me to go to the "Current Student" section of the college web site.

Current Student! Yippee! I feel kind of lame for mentioning it, but I now feel like more of an RT Student than I did on Thursday. When can I start calling myself an RT Student? Now? After the orientation day? When I get my student card? On the first day of classes?


  1. and you're finally in the home stretch!

    29 days and counting!

  2. I say when I'm registered for classes...which was early last month for me... :)

    Exciting, though! We start our program on the same day!

    Is your program 3 or 2 years?

  3. Heidi: The home stretch, to the starting line...

  4. diana lyn: Is enrolled for classes the same as registered for classes? My program's 3 years long. How long is your program?

  5. Well, getting to the starting line is half the battle. Letting go of what you know to get through the mayham of school as a mortgage holding that's a different story.