Saturday, August 09, 2008

First semester text books

This is the stack of required text books for the first semester of my Respiratory Therapy Program.


  1. and one day they'll all sit in a box (if you can't part with them like I couldn't) and collect dust.

    fun fun fun

  2. Heh. know, I made it through two years of RT school without cracking that? I wouldn't emulate my study habits though. I'm a terrible slacker but an excellent test taker.

  3. I'm anxious to know what books I'll need to buy. I know for sure I'll need Egan's...of course.

  4. heidi:
    I don't put books into boxes, unless I'm moving. I just buy another book case. Having lots of books around, and thinking about reading them some day, makes me feel smart. I like to feel smart. When people see all of my books they think I'm smart, which makes me feel smart.

    A slacker who's good at taking tests, is a good slacker in my books. You're not slacking, your "manageing your time effectively".

    diana lyn:
    Don't get too excited about Egan's. It's kind of a boring read. I got up to chapter 12 before I decided that studying A&P would be less painful. After reading Egans for a while, studying A&P becomes loads of fun in comparison.