Friday, August 15, 2008

Last day

This is my last day at work. I thought I would be a bit more excited. Maybe something exciting will happen in the next 3 hours and 10 minutes.


  1. like the whole network will go down?

    Maybe it will be uneventful and you'll be able to just slip away.

  2. I mostly just read blogs. My boss came in and mentioned that I only had a few hours left and wondered what I could really accomplish in that amount of time. "Give me a blanket and a pillow and I'll show you what I can accomplish", was my response.

  3. Your boss really was an Ass Hat....Is that his way of trying to make you feel guilty for not being productive?

  4. Ass Clown is the correct term, when referring to my former boss.

    Asshole + Clown = Ass Clown

  5. Just wait until you see your first "camode Hat" it's the "hat" that catches the patient's poop for inspection....

    Ass HAT seems better if you ask me.....