Monday, January 26, 2009

Too angry to study

Boy, am I ever pissed off. I just sent this to one of my professors:

The disruptive behavior in today's Patient Care Procedures class, was fairly intolerable. People in the back row, just wouldn't stop talking while your lecture was in progress. As your lecture proceeded the volume of the disruptive conversation(s) grew louder and louder. I’m sure you noticed.

When the people in the back of the room started talking louder than you, while you were lecturing, I decided to turn around and ask people to stop talking. When I turned around, before I could even open my mouth, I was promptly told by Ahole to "Fuck off". The last time I said something about talking in class, to the very same people talking during today's lecture, Ahole told me that I should move to the other side of the classroom. Today’s unsuccessful attempt at reasoning with people, left me rather perturbed and contemplating a possible course of action that would most likely be frowned upon by the College. As a student, I don't really have any acceptable ways of stopping people from behaving in a disruptive, disrespectful and belligerent manner while in class. All I can do is encourage, and support, others in their attempts at doing something about the aforementioned unacceptable behavior.

I know that in the past, you have tried to tactfully and diplomatically address disruptive behavior in your classes. I do understand, and appreciate, the value of dealing with these types of situations tactfully and diplomatically. Often times a friendly reminder, of what constitutes acceptable classroom behavior, is all that is required. Unfortunately, at this point I think that a "friendly reminder" may not be enough. Reminding people of acceptable classroom behavior seems to be of limited value, when addressed to certain individuals.

I gave up a fairly successful career, so that I could go back to school and become a Respiratory Therapist. I am not at all inclined to tolerate anything, which makes it more difficult for me to pursue my academic and career aspirations.

RT Scribe


  1. How ridiculous...

    I can't believe that people still talk during the lecture like it is high school or something. I guess people still don't realize the things we're learning are so important that they could kill somebody if they missed something in lecture.

    I'm glad that seven or eight of the people like this didn't come back the second semester. It's just plain stupid.

  2. Wow...I think my RT professors would have ejected them from the program. They took very little crap...hope your prof resolves this.

  3. Yep. At my school people behaving that way would have been kicked from the room and then needed a letter from the dean allowing them back into class.

    But since they would've been on life support it wouldn't matter. Becuase if someone talked to me that way the true wrath of the Tengu (all the knowledge that 3 black belts bestows) would've been unleashed on their sorry asses.

  4. The problem is mostly caused by 1 person. When he gets shut down, things will be better. He's acting like a child and needs to be stopped. It's a simple and obvious problem, with a simple and obvious solution.

    The "beating the crap out of someone" option, was on my mind for quite a while yesterday. Some people really do deserve a beating. Unfortunately, there's no way for me to do that without it reflecting poorly on me. The school has this policy about students not beating the crap out of each other.

  5. Yes, thre is that pesky social contract that frowns upon inflicting violence on someone whether it is justified or not.

    That's why you "ninja" them in the parking lot. Can't complain if they don't know who did it... j/k :-P kinda.

  6. And these are the same assholes that will get through the program by the skin of their teeth, who will barely pass the credentialing exams....and who will proceed to the nearest hospital to succeed in either hurt patients or having a hand in killing patients.

    Now doesn't that piss you off.