Sunday, January 25, 2009

Smoker discomfort

My class is divided into two groups for labs. My lab group has 12 people in it. A couple people in my lab group are smokers. They always seem kind of uncomfortable when smoking is a topic of discussion.

The RT who teaches us, in Patient Evaluation lab, is currently working in home care. She was telling us how sad it is to see people who quit smoking, quite a while ago, and are now suffering the health consequences of their smoking. They quit, like they were supposed to, but still had to pay the price several years later.


  1. Ironically, a lot of RRTs smoke, like they are somehow immune to the negative effects.

  2. I used to smoke but have quit. I just hope that I quit in time

  3. I used to smoke about a pack a week. Then I became a "secret smoker". Now I'll sometimes have one, if I'm at a party, just because I'm drunk and being stupid.

    I did the math once and I've probably smoked for 5-7 pack years. I'm actually starting to wonder if their's something that can be done for former smokers (that would include me), so that they don't have to pay the piper in a decade or two.

  4. I smoked for about 3 years, almost a pack a day for the past two years. I just recently quit about two weeks ago and am doing great so far.

    I really miss it, but I don't want to have to see an RT later in life because of something I could have prevented.