Sunday, January 25, 2009


The attrition rate is 41% for my program. Only 59% of the students who started the program, in September 2006, actually graduated from the program.

All of the graduates wrote their registry exams at the beginning of this month. I hope that they all did well, on their exams, and will get to put RRT after their names in the next little while.


  1. Only the strong survive! Eye of the tiger! Oops, sorry. I'm watching Rocky II as I was reading blogs.

  2. Survival of the fittest. As bad as it sounds (59%?), it's best for the patients that those who weren't fit to graduate RT school are not the ones taking care of them and their complex illnesses.

    Not to mention the fact that there's nothing worse than a really, really smart RT who doesn't want to be in the field (talking about those who quit after deciding they didn't want to be respiratory therapists-- a lot of them could have been sharp as hell).