Friday, January 30, 2009

1.5 hours

I was helping a faculty member move some equipment from a lab to a class and we chatted about a few things. He mentioned that when he was in RT School, he only studied for about 1.5 hours a night. That comment actually pissed me off. I decided that he was either lying or freakishly smart. I do recall that he once mentioned something about having a photographic memory. Today he mentioned something about almost going back to school and getting a Doctorate. Everyone keeps on mentioning how smart he is. Maybe he is freakishly smart.

It's not fair! I wish I only had to study for 1.5hrs a day.


  1. I wish I was that smart. I wonder if he has common sense to go with it.

  2. At this point I'm inclined to think that he does.

    I'm starting to wonder if he meant that he only studied for an hour and a half for each class. That's a lot more reasonable and would make me feel like less of s stupid person.

  3. It really is not fair that you're not that smart :P

    **shaking my fist at the sky and shouting IT'S NOT FAIR**

  4. Oh yes, this is another thing I just LOVE. Listening to how little time people spend studying. Then again, I think a lot of my fellow students like to tell "stories."

  5. I spent 13.5 hours at school yeserday. Arrived at 7AM and left at 8:30PM. That includes 4 hours of lecture. I think I might be a moron.