Friday, January 09, 2009

Back to the books

It looks like the joyous times, of studying all weekend, are back again.

Without a doubt, Ventilators I is going to live up to its reputation of being a hard course. The Professor for that course warned us that if we fail a course this semester, It's going to be Ventilators I. I don't think that what's left of the "It's not fair" crowd is going to have a good semester.


  1. Wow, man. That's crazy. I don't have to take mechanical ventilation until this summer...or maybe it's next fall. I'm not sure. Good luck.

  2. I actually start Mechanical Ventilation this semester, too.

    A couple more weeks to go until school starts for me! I'm really anxious...

  3. The ventilator course actually looks pretty interesting. The course doesn't seem to have much fluff. It seems comprised mostly of things that an RT actually needs has to know, to do the job.

    How long are the semesters for your programs? I'm trying to figure out why you guys have such long breaks in between semesters. It's just not fair. :-) My semesters are 14 weeks long. We don't have classes in the summer. My year of clinicals will start in the summer though.

    Good luck everybody.

  4. The comment about the "it's not fair" club was priceless.

    I spend three years with one of those as a classmate and he nearly drove me round the bend.

    I wanted to tell her all the time "life's not fair, now study the material and learn it just like everyone else has to"

    For Pete's sakes.

  5. I'm thinking about writing a poem about how "It's not fair".

  6. Ventilator stuff isn't too bad. It's all pressure and volume and the interplay of those variables and time. I just thought of ventilation in those terms for my classes and it worked for me...but then again I'm not everybody else.

  7. People who took the Ventilators I course, last year, claim that it wasn't unusually difficult. The course was taught by a different Professor last year. Only time will tell.