Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Turds and marks and other things

I now have all my marks for second semester, including the mark for the turd of a History essay that I handed in a week late. I was given a 90% on that essay, which was quite a pleasant surprise. The History final, that only took me 15 minutes to write, was given a mark of 92%.

I did better than I thought on my Pathophysiology final. My mark for that exam was a 79.41%. My course mark for Pathophysiology, was my worst one at 81.75%.

My marks are a bit lower than last semester but still respectable. My highest mark was a 95.17% and my lowest mark was an 81.75%. Keep in mind that for everything but the History course, a pass is 65%. My mark for the dreaded composite exam was 74%. They made the pass for that one a 60%. I suspect that a lot of people would have failed the composite, if a pass was 65%. A lot of people found that one hard. It was mostly about applying fundamental concepts and a lot of people in my class don't like doing that.

Most of the students in the year ahead of me, start their clinicals next week. I wish them luck, even thought they don't need any.

I'm actually doing some studying now. There are a few things that I only have a vague understanding of and I would like to rectify that. I was a bit surprised yesterday when I found it completely unnecessary to read a certain part of my favourite anatomy textbook because I knew all of the material.

I"ll be taking an elective, that starts on May 5th and ends on May 28th. The course is called "Excursions in Modern Mathematics". The course is described as a "liberal arts math" course, which seems to mean that it's a math course that doesn't have much math. It sounds like a good course for boosting my CGPA.

One of the local universities has a correspondence math course that I'm almost planning on taking. I'm planning on getting a degree after I finish RT school, so I need to strengthen my Math skills a bit.


  1. What ever happened to the guy that would keep his mouth shut during lectures? Also..what kind of degree are you getting after Rt school?

  2. sorry..wouldn't keep his mouth shut

  3. I usually just make note of what I don't understand and figure it out later.

    The entry to practice requirement for RTs, in my province, will probably be a degree in the next few years so I'll probably upgrade my diploma to whatever flavour of "RT Degree" that becomes the new entrance to practice requirement. I won't have to get a degree if I'm already an RT but would probably get one anyway.

    I might also want to pursue some sort of a Math or Science degree, as well.

  4. What didn't you understand? You indicated in prior posts a guy was disrupting class by talking out loud during lectures. You confronted him,and had to go to the professor to stop it.

  5. My understanding of Pathophysiology is fairly superficial. I'm also a bit fuzzy on some the details of how some things work on a histological level.

    The disruptive behaviour in class hasn't been an issue for quite some time. That issue was handled very well by faculty.