Sunday, April 05, 2009

Brownian Noise

I still haven't been able to get that annoying, and intrusive, noise taken care of yet. The apartment in my building that seemed to be the likely culprit, isn't so likely any more. The person who owns that unit has been in Florida since November! The annoying noise started in March. The new building Superintendent is on the case and actually seems to have some fairly decent troubleshooting skills. I suspect that we will never be able to figure out where that damn noise is coming from. Most people can't even hear the noise that I'm talking about.

I can actually get some sleep now because I have figured out how to mask the noise. I tried using white noise, which didn't really help that much. I'm now using an application on my IPOD, which generates something called Brownian Noise, that's able to mask annoying low frequency sounds very well. I hook the IPOD up to my speaker dock and all is better. The IPOD app only costs $0.99. There's also a lite version that's free. If you're interested in the application just go to the Itunes store and do a search for White Noise (it's a lot more than just a white noise generator).

Being able to get a good nights sleep again, sure is nice.

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