Saturday, September 20, 2008

Things I wish I could remember

Below are 9 numbers that I have to memorize for a test next week. I'm about to give up on those and start studying stuff that I can actually remember. I have 3 more tests to write next week, that don't require the memorization of things that my brain refuses to remember.

Trying to remember those numbers is like trying to remember chemistry nomenclature. I can remember facts, formulas, concepts, conversion factors and densities without any problems... I suspect that I have a big gaping hole in the part of my brain that people are supposed to use to memorize stuff like this.

Did I get dropped on my head too many times when I was a kid? Did I eat a bunch of lead paint when I was a kid. WTF?

Critical Pressure of Oxygen: 715.87 psig
Critical Temperature of Oxygen: -118.4 C
Boiling Point of Oxygen: -183 C
Melting Point of Oxygen: -216.6

Critical Temperature of Carbon Dioxide: 31.0 C
Boiling Point of Carbon Dioxide: -78.4 C
Melting Point of Carbon Dioxide: -78.4 C

Boiling Point of Nitrogen: -195.4 C
Melting Point of Nitrogen: -209.86 C


  1. Just make flashcards and pick them up in between studying for other things. =P

  2. In response to your comment on my most recent post:
    We're one of the few RT programs that start clinicals right away. Most of the programs in my area (and even the one I was accepted to in Southern California) don't start until the 2nd (and last) year of the RT program, so I feel pretty lucky. Clinicals this semester are going to be 5 hrs/day 1 day/week. Next semester, it's going to go 2 8-hr days per week...

  3. Man, I don't remember any of that stuff.

  4. Diana:
    I made up some flash cards a few hours ago. I really can't do anything else... Learn, forget, repeat.

    Easing students into the clinical environment, which is what your program seems to be doing, suremakes a lot of sense to me.


    Neither do I. I knew it about 15 minutes ago...

  5. Never once will you use said information that must be memorized.

    you will never boil or melt any one of those elements.

    This is an exerice in futility...and to see how many hoops you can jump through.

  6. I also don't need Calculus and never will.

  7. Just checking in again. Looks like everything has picked up pretty quick for you since the last time I read your blog. Hang in there.