Thursday, September 04, 2008

Second day thoughts

Yesterday was my second day of RT School. This is some stuff I was thinking about this morning:
  • Everything except my Ethics course is taught by an RT.
  • My ethics teacher doesn't seem prepared for teaching his course. He's not very familiar with current events and stuff that's been making the news for a few years. He was telling us how we should be reading the newspaper, so that we know what's going on in the world...
  • In Respiratory A&P we were learning about the nasal cavity. Clinical relevance was discussed and made everyone very interested in the topic. An Endotracheal tube was discussed and passed around. I think we were also shown a nebulizer doing it's thing. That class was really short.
  • I am not carrying all my freaking books to school again. That was really stupid. I had this delusional fantasy about studying in the library after I was done with my classes. After my Genera A&P class, I just wanted to go home and sleep.
  • I have to start sleeping like a normal person. I could do my job on 5 hours of sleep. I can't be a very good student on 5 hours of sleep. Studying while tired is a waste of time for me because I can't retain anything that I've read.


  1. I feel you on the need to sleep part. When I started taking my pre-reqs last fall, I learned to sleep by 10 or 11 AM. I was F/T @ school and I worked P/T and I feel I was fairly successful with school.

    Now that I'm not working at all since I started the program, I hope that the extra bit of study time I have from no job will help... :)

    But I agree, having a healthy sleeping pattern works wonders!

  2. I think eatting right has a lot to do with being able to do a good job. I have found that if I eat a lot of crap I feel so tired and not very productive.

  3. diana lyn:
    I could have gotten 7.5 hrs of sleep last night, but for some reason I got up an hour early. My Cardio A&P class this morning was amazing because I was wide awake and everything made sense.

    Respiratory Therapy eBlog:
    You're preaching to the choir on that one. My big problem is me not eating breakfast. I don't feel hungry in the morning for some reason. If I eat breakfast, I do notice the difference as far as my being able to concentrate and learn is concerned.