Monday, September 22, 2008

First real quiz today

I wrote my first real quiz today. It was worth 10% of the course mark. I wrote a quiz last week, for General A&P, and it was pretty easy.

Today's quiz, for my Applied Science course, was multiple choice and included a bunch of calculations. The quiz made me realize something. Writing down formulas and providing a pretty and "correct" solution is a waste of time. The name of the game is to do the math, without writing anything down if possible, and selecting the correct answer. Showing first principles, the formulas used, and identifying all species isn't required and will just slow you down.
  1. Understand the question
  2. Figure out the correct answer to the question.
  3. Select the correct answer(s) from the available answers.
  4. Repeat.

NOTE: Only write things down, if they assist with the timeley completion of steps 1 and or 2.

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