Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fifth Test

I wrote my fifth test today. Now I know what kind of tests to expect from each course and instruct0r. Writing the first test for a course is always a bit stressful for me because I don't know what to expect.

This morning I decided to not make study notes any more. I spend too much time making study notes and not enough time studying. I have lecture notes, homework questions and textbooks to study from. I don't need to waste my time making study notes. I don't find that the process of making study notes, actually helps me to learn anything.

Note: In previous posts I made references to some quizzes. Officially, they're called quizzes but for all intents and purposes they're tests. If it's worth 10-12% of a course mark, I'm calling it a test from now on.


  1. Everyone studies differently. What works for me is, just before the test, I create a 'study guide' of what I think is going to be on the test. It's 4-5 pages. There's always so much information but, at the end, I need something to focus on. I always make sure I know my study guide 100%.

  2. I agree. Everyone should study in a way that works best for them. What works best for them probably doesn't work best for everyone else.

    I think that students run into problems when they study in a way that's incompatible with their learning styles.

    I've almost completely given up on study notes. I always seem to spend hours and hours creating the notes and then a couple of hours studying them. I think that just studying for hours and hours will work better for me.

  3. What our instructor does is that she provides us with a list of objectives that we need to know by the end of studying a unit. So as we learn the material, we write out the objectives, so by the time you are done studying, you have all of the information in front of you and ready to go for the test.

    It definitely helps.

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  5. That's true, everyone does study differently.

    I was in your same shoes a few weeks ago. I'd make flash card after flash card and by the time I was done I spent three hours writing flash cards and no time really studying. So now I've cut down on the number of cards I make and concentrated more of my time on reviewing the material.

    The next thing I need to figure out how to do is to not have to spend 4-6 hours or more a day studying.

  6. When you figure out that not having to study thing, let me know. That's a little trick I have got to learn.