Friday, September 05, 2008

Last school day of first week

My reading list for last night, was a bit too optomistic. I still have to do a bunch of reading to catch up. I was only able to get throught the material for Respiratory A&P. I felt the need to read slowly and study the diagrams, so that I was actually comprehending what Iwas reading. For my General A&P course, I still need to read chapter 1&2 of Marieb and Module 1&2 of the course module package. For my Cardio A&P course I still need to read chapter 18 of Marieb and Chapter 5 of Des Jardins.

I had my first Infection Control and Safety class today. Wash your hands. Wash your hands well.. Wash your hands often.

I went to a BBQ this afternoon and met a few of the second year students. I also had a couple of interesting conversations with a few faculty members. I was feeling pretty anti social, so I was ot of there pretty quick.

Apparently we only have 4 students in our class that came straight from high school. They're known as the Highschoolers. Most of the students in my class seem to be in their mid twenties, with a few in their thirties and possibly a couple in their early fourties.


  1. Speaking of Six Feet Under, I own the entire box set of 5 seasons and have watched every single episode 5 times actually. When I was working the PM shift I would come home from work and unwind w/an hour long episode.

    I am a Six Feet Under junkie....and was so sad when it when off the air, because I think there was still lots of life and character development in that show.

    There is a new show out there called Pushing Daisies but again I haven't had a chance to see an episode...I'm going to have to research what's debuting this fall I guess.

  2. BTW, Enjoy Dejardins....Cardiopulmonary A&P was a good book!

    We used a lot of the same books and I couldn't part with them. And sometimes will refer back to them when I question something....I'm such a dork.