Saturday, June 14, 2008

Soon to be poor student

I've been taking a closer look at my finances. I may not actually have enough money saved up to be an unemployed student. I might actually have to get a part time job when I'm in school :-( I might be able to be unemployed for the first semester, but probably have to get some kind of a job during second semester. I will most definitely be looking for a summer job. I was sort of considering the possibility of taking some courses in the summer, next year, but that's not looking to likely at the moment.

I'm actually thinking about updating my resume. That's pretty damn depressing. I haven't felt the need to do that for a few years.


  1. Don't forget to look into applying for scholarships you would be surprised how many are out there. Working while in school is tough at least that's what I found out with my schooling.

  2. Thanks for that suggestion Breathingthroughschool. I was going to write a smart aleck response, about your suggestion, and then I did a Google search. Hmm. Maybe there are some scholarships that I could apply for.

    What follows is the smart aleck response that I started writing:

    Scholarships? Some scholarships I could apply for:

    The too old to be in school scholarship.

    The going back to school, so that you can earn less money scholarship.

    The making a career change, so that you can have a more stressful lower paying job scholarship.

    The you just bought you first home and now you're going to quit your job and go back to school sholarship.

  3. LOL... your never told old for school. I have officially been in post secondary school for 7 years and I am not too old for a scholarship/bursary.