Thursday, June 05, 2008


Breathing Through School recently wrote about scrubs and I started wondering about the scrubs that I would have to wear, when I start my clinicals in the summer of 2011. Yestrday I found out that I have to wear red scrubs, when I'm doing my clinicals. I guess I have to wear red so that I'm easy to identify in a crowd. "He did it! The guy in the red scrubs! Get him!"


  1. LOL.. oh wow you have a particular colour. I wonder what shade of red it is? We have a free range when it comes to choosing the colour of our scrubs.

  2. I think the shade is a little bit lighter than "stop sign red".

    At least they won't have a goofy school crest on them, which I was hoping to avoid.

  3. Found out some more about the red scrubs. Apparently the red scrubs have to be worn in the labs at school and in one particular hospital during clinical placement.

    I got this information from a nurse who works in the "particular hospital", who had a chat with one of the RT Students about the red scrubs.