Friday, May 02, 2008


Over the years I have been asked if I can be used as a reference, when someone is looking for a job. I have never refused. People who ask, always seem to know that I think well of them.

Yesterday evening I heard my cell phone ringing and couldn't find the damn thing, before it went to voice mail. When I listened to the voice mail I discovered that it was someone asking me if I could be used as a reference during a job search.

I couldn't believe it. The arrogant, condescending, unhelpful guy, who was always taking fake sick days, was asking me to act as a reference! This is the guy who got fired a few weeks ago from my current work place. I was stunned and also more than a little bit pissed off. What planet is this guy living on? I can't be a reference for that guy. I don't really have anything nice to say about the guy and if the person doing a reference check starts fishing for "problems" there will be many for us to talk about. I know the guy too well and can't give him a good reference. I would have to lie like crazy to be a good reference. What the hell was he thinking when he called me?

I'm just not going to call him back. If I ever end up talking to him, despite my best efforts not to, I will just tell him that I'm not comfortable being a reference for him. If he asks me why, then I'll have to tear into him.

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