Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mostly just waiting

I've been thinking recently, that I should post something on my blog. To be perfectly honest, I don't have much to post about. I'm mostly just waiting.

Just waiting for my tuition invoice to show up. Just waiting for school to start. Just waiting for my summer job to finish up.

102 days until school starts.


  1. Hi ! I'm an RT student from Montreal and my advice is to add the Dana Oakes books to your "RT books". I would'nt live without them !!

    Feel free to share if you're looking for infos, books, anything ..


  2. Trust me things will speed up! Your 2 years will fly by and then you'll be doing your clinical. I remember that feeling of waiting and how excited I was to start and now how excited I am to finish. Good luck with the waiting.

  3. Thanks for the advice Julie.

    My "RT books" list only includes books that I currently own and like. I have been resisting the urge to get sthe Dana Oakes pocket guides. Your recommending them isn't helping :-(

    I must save money for school. I must avoid buying stuff that I don't need, including books.

    I'm sure that I'll buy some but don't want to get them before I need them. I don't need them right now. I'm still brushing up on the chemistry that I've forgotten and trying to make it through Egan's without getting hurt.

  4. Oh sorry ! haha, I understand the priorities. The US program seems SO different from ours .. We had 2 classes of biology and 2 classes of chemistry. One was like basic chemistry (pH, ficks, henry laws, etc) and the other one was respiratory biochemistry. I loved chemistry classes .. Anyways, wish you all the best with it ! Keep focused !