Saturday, December 19, 2009

Semester 3 is over

Semester 3 is finally over.  It was a pretty good, until I ran into the final exams.  I wrote 7 finals and only felt good about 2 of them.  I get all my marks on Monday.  I had pretty good marks going into finals, so I'm pretty sure that I didn't come close to failing any courses.

I ordered my 4th semester textbooks from  The Canadian dollar is almost at par with the US dollar and retailers, including booksellers, are gouging Canadian consumers again.  One of the books I need is The Essentials of Respiratory Care.

The school bookstore wants $103.95 for it. wants $94.95 for it. wants $69.96 (US$: 43.71).

Semester 4 starts on January 11th.

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  1. Mine starts on Jan 4 with pediatric and neonatal resp care, critical care medicine and longterm care.