Thursday, December 10, 2009

Less pessimistic about Cardiodiagnostics Final

I'm tempted to delete my previous post. I was a bit overwhelmed while I was writing that one. I'm just flying through the Hemodynamic Monitoring part of my Cardiodiagnostic notes. That stuff just makes sense and I don't have to memorize any lists of things!

I won't have enough time to properly study all of the ECG interpretation material. if I have time, I'll probably just quickly review the electrophysiology of the heart and the characteristics of different arrhythmias. The ECG interpretation part of the course will be tested less than everything else, for the Final.

I'm still keeping the fact that I only need 38% on this final, in the back of my mind. That fact is comforting. I need to be comforted.


  1. Relax.. everything will turn out just fine. How's that?

  2. Other than not knowing what certain drugs were called and what certain drugs were used for, the Pharmacology exam went quite well:-(