Friday, December 11, 2009

Half way finished exams

Holy crap, this week sucked for exams. I wrote 4 exams this week and only felt good about one of them. I have a Ventilator Competency and 3 more exams to go and I'm done with this semester.

I think next weeks going to be a lot better than this week.


  1. Good attitude!

    I am studying all weekend for my four finals next week, and then I'm done for the semester. It sounds like all your exams are essays- is that how it goes?

  2. Most of our exam questions are multiple choice. Some times I'm actually impressed by how difficult a multiple choice question can be made.

    I tend to do well on essay type questions.

  3. So far mine are like that too. If I never see a multiple/multiple question, it will be too soon, ha.

    I'm mulling over the idea of moving up to Canada after I graduate- I believe I'd just have to retake the credentialing exams. What's the job situation like up there?

  4. Recent graduates, from my program, are finding jobs. The economy has had a negative impact on job prospects. Most of the jobs are PRN. I think new graduates can still find full time positions in BC.

    I think you're right, that you just have to take the credentialling exams. I know that's also the case if I want to work in the States as an RT.

    Do a search for Respiratory Therapists at these web sites, to get a feel for the job market.