Wednesday, December 09, 2009


My exam yesterday seemed to go really well. I sort of felt, like it was written just for me. It tested my strengths and almost none of my weaknesses. I expected to hear everyone talking about how easy the exam was, when we were all finished it. Instead, I heard quite a bit of ranting about how hard and unfair the exam was.

I was quite surprised by one of the ranters. She's one of the best students. I almost never beat her when marks are concerned. She has a freakish recall of A&P and can always explain concepts to others, without any hesitation. Yesterday, she sounded like a card carrying member of the "It's not fair!" club.

Today I write my Pharmacology final. I'm having trouble with all the drug names and dosages. The Cardiac drugs are giving me the most trouble. I need 27% on the final to pass the course.


  1. Ugh- I am not looking forward to pharmacology at all, though neonatal really excites me.

    I'm just about to finish up my first semester in the RT program down in Michigan, and I don't think I've ever worked as hard in my life than I did this semester. I'm thinking of getting out of this area when I'm done with school though- for whatever reason, southeastern Michigan is way behind the times in this area- most RTs here don't do much beyond breathing treatments, from what I hear.

    Anyway, I just stumbled on your site and wanted to say good luck on your final- I'm pretty sure you could walk in there drunk and get a 27%, ha!

  2. My Neonatal/Pediatric exam on Monday, may very well have kicked my ass.

    I probably would have done better this morning, if I was drunk.

    The scope of practice really does suck, in some places, for RTs. RTs are way over qualified to run around just doing breathing treatments, all day.

    Good luck in school and thanks for reading.