Saturday, November 08, 2008

Too relaxed?

In an earlier post, I mentioned that I wasn't quite so stressed out about school anymore. An odd thing happened to the new relaxed me, yesterday. I got up at 6AM, just like every other school day. I felt tired as hell but thought that I would get over it the way that I usually do, with coffee. Three coffees and 7 hours later, I was sitting in class and really felt like crap. I was so tired, I felt sick. I hadn't been sleeping any less than usual, so why did I feel so freaking tired? I think it was the lack of stress. Was I so stressed out that I had a bunch of extra energy? Is the new relaxed me going to require ridiculous amounts of sleep? Was all of that stress, the secret of my success?


  1. I concur with Glenna. The three coffees would make me feel sick.

  2. Coffee is never part of the problem, it's always part of the solution.

    3 cups off coffee isn't a lot for me. I used to drink 6 large cups a day. Now I'm down to 3 a day and don't drink coffee after 3PM.

    I slept for an hour and then I was all better. I'm not kidding; when I get really tired I feel sick. It's kind of odd.

    I used to know someone, who could sleep in really weird postitions. She could actually lean up against a wall and then sleep for several hours. She was an entertaining person to be around, when she was really tired...