Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Oh crap!

I have a Respiratory A&P test tomorrow. For some reason I thought that I has already made myself familiar with the material that will be on the test. I was wrong. I'm pretty much going to learn it all tonight.

Getting my ass kicked on the test tomorrow, is very likely. I'm a bit stressed by the situation but am comforted by some things that I'm trying to view as a bit of a silver lining in this cloud:

  • The test is only worth 10% of my final mark.
  • The material is actually pretty interesting and I enjoy learning it.
  • It's mostly concepts, ideas and relationships which I'm pretty good at learning.
  • I have to learn the material for the final exam, in a few weeks, so learning it tonight will be a good thing.
  • Respiratory A&P is my best course.
  • If I get a zero on the test, my mark drops to an 85%. I'm not getting a zero, so my overall mark in the course is going to be pretty decent no matter what happens tomorrow. If I was just scraping by I would be losing my mind.
  • I now know how to trick my brain into learning unreasonable amounts of things in an unreasonable amount of time. There's a chance that I might actually do well tomorrow, if I can just get my insolent little brain to STFU AND STUDY!

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