Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Great Disapointment

I finally bought myself a shiny new Littmann Master Classic II stethoscope. I've been wanting to get one for months, even though I won't need a stethoscope until January. I opened the box, figured out the not backwards way of putting the ear thingys in my ears, and then listened to my heart and lungs for about 20 minutes. Then I got bored with it and put it back in the box.

Holy crap. 20 minutes. That's all of the entertainment value that comes with a stethoscope. That sucks. I'm terribly disappointed.


  1. I didn't have very much fun with that one either.

    I was [silly or crazy; insert verb of choice] and went ahead and bought a Littman Cardiology III (the 2nd best model under the Master Cardiology). The acoustics are AMAZING. I was listening to pts at work and I'm like "Ooh systolic murmur!" Not to the pts of course.

  2. Hold on to your scopes kids...they can be stolen just as easily as they've been purchased by you. It's silly and childish, but it happends. Don't spend any more money on your tool of the trade (anything more than $80 is a waste--because you'll never have to diagnose heart sounds...ever)

    Just keep a teather on it, especially if you're working in a heavy heart surgery hosptial.

  3. LOL! I remember doing the same thing. But you'll be happy as you start to use it at work. I love my Littman!