Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Stupid, stupid brain. I hate you!

Yesterday at about 8PM my brain started to rebel. It just couldn't learn anything effectively anymore.

  • Me: You have a test tomorrow and you have to study for it.
  • My brain: Not wanna.
  • Me: Come on. We've got plenty of time. We'll take it slow and easy.
  • My brain: To much study, make me bored. Wanna TV.
  • Me: How about getting some sleep instead.
  • My brain: Sleep not good. Me too stressed. We have to study but I not wanna. Not study now. Need beak. Not wanna sleep. Won't be able to sleep. Sleep not leave time for study. (I know this doesn't make much sense. My brain really does baffle me sometimes.)
  • Me: Let's take a 45 minute nap and then study.
  • My brain: Me sleepy. OK. Just 45 minutes.

About 45 minutes later...

  • Me: That was a really good sleep wasn't it?
  • My brain: Me still sleepy. Want make more sleepy time.
  • Me: OK. Another 45 minutes.

About 45 minutes later...

  • Me: OK. Now we can study.
  • My brain: Me like sleepy time. Make more sleepy time?
  • Me: OK, but we have to get up at 4AM.
  • My brain: Sleepy.
  • Me: STFU!

Shortly after 4AM...

  • Me: I can't believe how tired I am.
  • My brain: More sleepy. More sleepy. Want more sleepy time!
  • Me: STFU! We'll take a shower and drink some coffee and everything will be fine.
  • My brain: Can't sleep in shower. Coffee stop me from make sleepy time.
  • Me: That's the plan dummy.

After a coffee and a shower...

  • Me: OK. Let's study.
  • My brain: Let's Internet instead. Internet more fun than study.
  • Me: OK. We'll check email, do a blog posting and then study.
  • My brain: Me like blog. Make me feel special.
  • Me: I hate you! STFU!
  • My brain: What you so angry for? Not my fault not study and spend so much time sleeping.
  • Me: STFU.


  1. I laughed at this, but only because I think that your brain is using peer pressure on my brain.

    Me: I really need to study right now.
    Brain: Yes, but...
    Your brain: Oh come on ya wimp, you know you want to comment on blogs.

  2. HA, that's hilarious, your brain sounds very similar to mine, i'm a Respiratory care student in Chicago, last week my brain demanded sleep despite there being a test the next day, my brain won