Sunday, January 20, 2008

Maybe I do need a trauma bag

After taking that First Aid and CPR course, I decided that I would put together a trauma bag. A trauma bag is just a very good first aid kit, that is more suited towards providing treatment for serious injuries. As far as I'm concerned, a typical first aid kit is suitable for injuries that are in the "boo boo" category. For serious "holy crap that's a lot of blood" injuries, you need a trauma bag. My trauma bag is basically going to be a very well stocked first aid kit with some extra stuff for protecting myself if I give CPR to someone.

My trauma bag is getting kind of expensive. Yesterday I was thinking that I was maybe getting a bit carried away. So far I've invested about $220.00 into the trauma bag.

Yesterday morning, I walked out of the front door of my building and was met by a distraught wild eyed woman who was saying something about a guy hanging out of a window and police being all over the place. She really didn't make much sense and I just made a funny face and mentioned something about "That being scary" and then proceeded on my way to the super market.

While I was still wondering about the mental status of the woman, I saw the police cars parked in front of the building next door. I also saw the police officer looking up, about 12 storeys, at a person whose legs were hanging precariously out of a window. The police officer was repeatedly yelling at the person hanging out of the window and telling him that he should get inside so that they could talk. I really didn't want to watch because it really did look like the person could let go and plummet to an almost certain death. I'm not very sensitive, when it comes to blood and gore, but I'm definitely not one of "those people" who finds people getting hurt entertaining. I also have some problems with the sound of breaking bones. That sound is something I try to avoid hearing. I also thought that I wouldn't really be able to do anything that the police couldn't do themselves and I didn't want to become part of a crowd control issue.

As I continued on my way, I was wondering why there wasn't an ambulance anywhere to be seen. As I turned a corner I saw a couple more police cars that were blocking traffic. As I turned the next corner, I saw an ambulance parked on the side of the road with its engine running. Maybe keeping an ambulance out of sight, from a possible jumper, is a good idea.

Maybe me having a trauma bag, is also a good idea.

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