Saturday, January 26, 2008

CPR Protective Barrier Devices

Ever since I took that CPR course, I've been interested in getting some kind of CPR Protective Barrier Device, that is easy to carry around. If I'm ever in a position of giving someone CPR, I don't want to be worrying about getting any nasty diseases.

After looking around for ages, I finally found and purchased a couple of barriers that are small enough to fit into a pocket. One of them is even small enough to fit into my wallet.

They're both made by a company called O-Two Medical Technologies. The one that can fit into my wallet is called a Revive-Aid®. The one that can't fit into my wallet, because it has a one way valve on it, is called Bio-Barrier®. Information about both products can be found here:

I ordered 4 Bio-Barriers and 2 Revive-Aids, and a Laerdal Pocket Mask, from a company called Access Medical. I have a Bio-Barrier in my wallet. I have a Bio-Barrier and a Revive-Aid in one of my coat pockets.

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