Sunday, June 03, 2007

Waiting to move

July 16th, that's they closing date for my condo. The condo is in a different city from the one I'm currently living and working in. The condo will be an 8 minute bus ride away from school.

I'm planning on keeping my existing apartment until the end of August, so that I'll be able to move into my new place at a leisurely pace. My new home is about a 1.5hr drive from my current apartment. Getting to work from my current apartment takes about 20-30 minutes. Getting to work from my condo will take about 2 hours, if I'm lucky.

If I'm not going to school this September, I might want to get a different job that's closer to my new home. Getting a job in the same city as where I'm living, might be the sensible thing to do. A four hour daily commute sounds pretty unpleasant! I should be able to do some work remotely from home, with my current employer, but am skeptical about how well and how long that will work out.

On the other hand if I'm only working a couple of days with my current employer, starting in September, doing the commuting thing might not be all that bad. The cost of living in my new city of residence is significantly lower than where I'm living now. I should be able to live reasonably well if I only work a couple of days a week with my current employer.

I still haven't heard back from the school yet about my admission deferral application. If the application has been approved, I'll be going to school in September 2008. If the application hasn't been approved, I'll be going to school this September.

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