Tuesday, May 29, 2007

An offer I couldn't refuse.

After speaking with the chair of the RT program, I can now confirm that the Respiratory Therapy Program is over subscribed. An unexpected number of people accepted offers of admission. The college has oversubscribed the program by 20 seats.

I have applied for deferred admission to the program. If my deferred admission application is approved, I will start in September 2008 instead of the September 2007. In exchange for postponing my studies, the college will give me $3000 in bursaries over the length of the three year program.

Given my current employment and money making prospects, I thought that postponing school for another year would be a pretty good move for me.

I had a talk with my manager at work and was told the following:
  • I can work full time hours until the end of June.
  • I can work three days a week during July and August.
  • After August, I can pretty much work 1 to 2 days a week, for as long as I want.
I'm also looking forward to goofing off quite a bit...

There is still a chance that I might be starting the program this September. Another RT school, in my area, was late sending out offers to students who had applied to their program. The over subscription to the RT Program at my school, may have been caused by students who accepted offers to my program because they didn't want to risk the possibility of not getting into the other school and being left out in the cold. I recently found out that the other school has sent out their admission offers. If those extra students, that my school couldn't accommodate, suddenly disappear because they are going to another school I'll probably end up starting school in September.

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