Friday, April 30, 2010

Composite exam - Part I and II

Part I of the Composite exam tested my ability to apply fundamental concepts and my ability to problem solve.  I think I did pretty good on that part.  That part was 2 hours long.  An hour later I wrote Part II.

Part II of the Composite exam was all case studies.  I'm not really sure how I did on that one.  I felt like I had a lot of opinions and not a lot of confident answers.  That part was 2.5 hours long.

I think my chances of passing the Composite are pretty good.  The exam tested me on very little of what I studied, or wanted to study, yesterday. 

I go to the big shiny new hospital next month and start my clinical rotation.


  1. Congratulations in getting through 2 arduous years of the RT program! It must be a great feeling for you. Best of luck during your year of clinical rotations. Remember to enjoy yourself while learning from real patients.

    Keep us posted on your progress...

  2. Thanks. Being finished the didactic hasn't quite sunk in yet. I'll try to keep posting, while the journey continues.