Sunday, January 24, 2010

The semester so far

On Monday it will be the third week of fourth semester.  My course load seems pretty light, when compared to last semester.  I'm hoping that I will have some extra time to study things, from previous semesters, that are fading from memory.

I did my first high fidelity simulation last week and was surprised by how real it felt.  I only had to pretend a little bit, during the simulation, because the simulation environment and scenario was pretty realistic to start with.  We were warned that our first simulation marks would almost certainly be failures because the standard for assessment at the beginning of the semester is the same as at the end.  We're being evaluated, from the start, as though we were actual RTs.  The first 7 simulations don't count towards our actual marks.  The usual people, have already started complaining about their simulation marks, even though they don't count.  I failed my first simulation, as predicted, and don't understand why some people are upset about their marks. 

We're being trained to a high standard and we now know where we are in relation to that standard.  We have been measured and have been found lacking and that's a good thing because we can focus on what needs to be improved. 

I really need to stop dropping things on the floor.  Using PPE might also be a good idea...

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