Wednesday, January 06, 2010

New use for a clip board

When I'm on a small plane I don't like sitting beside really obese people. Their lower bodies have a tendency to ooze under the arm rest and onto my seat! To avoid being touched by the body part(s) that ooze onto my seat, I have a tendency to move away from the ooze. Unfortunately, the oozing continues and I find an ever decreasing amount of seat room for myself. I'm a pretty big guy myself and I get pretty pissed off by other people’s fatness intruding into my personal space and onto my seat.

This situation happened to me again, when I was flying back home from visiting family in the US, during the holidays. I discovered that if I put a clip board between myself and the arm rest, that fatness doesn't make it over to my seat and I don't have to deal with the creepy sensation of someone’s fat ass touching my thigh.


  1. I'm a little speechless, but feel the same way. Trying being in the middle seat all the way from Arizona to Chicago....It was my worst claustrophobic nightmare. The best is when they then proceed to place their elbow all the way into your space on top of their hanging over into the seat.

    I have bad airplane karma anyway...that situation just makes it 10 times worse for me.

  2. I'm also not a big fan of being in a confined space with screaming kids.