Saturday, December 20, 2008

The magic number: 800

When I'm studying a lot and not sleeping as much as I should, I'm drinking about 4 extra large cups of Tim Hortons coffee. Today I was wondering how much caffeine is in 4 extra large cups of coffee. The answer: 800 mg (

That's cool. The next time someone tells me that I'm drinking too much coffee, I can tell them that 4 cups of Tim Hortons coffee is only 800 mg of caffeine. 800 mg is just fine. I only start acting funny when I take in about 1200 mg (6 extra large cups of Timmy's). For some reason my tummy hurts too.


  1. That must be why I like energy drinks. I think they have about 1200mg of caffeine in them.

    I've never heard of Tim Horton's. Is that like Starbucks?

  2. This is the answer to your question:

  3. Too much coffee gives me a sour belly also. Not sure why; I suspect it's the acidity of the drink and the drying effect of the caffeine.