Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Wrong answers

Until recently, whenever I was asked family history questions by a Doctor, I was giving the wrong answers.

There is a history of Diabetes in my family. There is a history of Heart Disease in my family. There is a history of high blood pressure in my family.

According to the BMI (Body Mass Index), I'm about 30lbs. over weight. I currently weigh about 220lbs. According to the BMI, I should weigh about 190lbs! 190lbs. doesn't seem reasonable for someone my size. I think a weight of 200lbs would be more sensible. I'm going to try to lose about 20lbs. in the next 5 months.

No crazy diets for me. Lots of long walks and a bunch of healthy eating should do the trick. The biggest challenge will be, the eating out for lunch, when I'm at work. Restaurant food just isn't very healthy...

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