Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I don't have to

Why are all my coworkers demoralized at work, when I'm not? I've been trying to figure that out for a while now. I tried to convince myself that "I don't care", but that's not really the case. If I find myself unemployed, between now and September, that definitely would be a financial hardship. A financial hardship, that would be best avoided. I also have a great deal 0f sympathy for my coworkers who are becoming increasingly demoralized and almost despondent, about their workplace, so "I don't care" isn't exactly honest.

I woke up yesterday morning with one thought on my mind. I DON'T HAVE TO.

I don't have to have a job. I don't have to put up with any crap at work. I don't have to get pissed off at work or about work. I can get by. I can dig a little bit deeper into my retirement savings and get by. I don't have to quit my job because I can stick it out for a few more months and save some more money for school.

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