Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Stress Management

Back in the beginning of February the college sent me a letter congratulating me on my acceptance to the Respiratory Therapy program. Along with the letter was a confirmation form that I had to send back to the college. The form indicated my intention to start the program in September. There was a May 1st deadline associated with the form, so I've been getting a little bit stressed by the fact that the college didn't send me anything acknowledging that they had received the form. Did they get the form? Did I get screwed by Canada Post or some kind of a clerical error at the college.

I sent the Registrar an email on Sunday asking for a confirmation of my status. This afternoon, l still hadn't received a response to that email, so I went to the college to find out what my status was.

What a relief. Everything's fine. I am confirmed and I was given a status of confirmed on February 25th. This has been bugging me for quite a while, I should have enquired about it a lot sooner.

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  1. You will soon discover that the college registar's office is the devil.