Sunday, March 30, 2008

Working on Sunday

I have to replace a piece of faulty network equipment at 9PM tonight. My boss has agreed that the firm will put me up in a local hotel tonight, after I replace the equipment. There's a nice little boutique hotel around the corner from my office, so I'll be staying there.

The commute back and forth from work and home seemed pretty unreasonable, for today, given the fact that I will only be working for about an hour today. I'll stay in the hotel tonight come into work tomorrow and then take the train home after work.

I've been in the big city since 11Am. I've been wandering around the big city hanging out in book stores and doing some writing to pass the time. I think I'll go check into the hotel in a few minutes, watch some TV and then take a nap. I'll be back in the office at about 8:30, so that I can replace the network equipment at about 9PM.

I can sleep in a couple of hours tomorrow and still be in the office at around 8AM. I'm really looking forward to the extra sleep.


  1. Betcha all that extra sleep makes you wanna move back to the big city ;) I can't imagine commuting that much on a daily basis.

  2. I didn't actually get much sleep that night. I kept on waking up every hour on the hour...

    I'm really looking forward to being unemployed and having an 8 minute commute to school.