Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I hate the bus

On Monday, I started taking a VIA Rail train from my home city to the big city I work in. Luxury. Absolute Luxury. Big ass reclining seats, a free newspaper and a guy who comes around and asks me if I want a coffee. Taking the train is much more civilized than taking the bus.

This morning I got to the train station, in my home city, only to find out that the train I was planning on taking was cancelled. The train was cancelled, because there was a freight train derailment on the way to the big city. No problem I thought. I can walk to the bus station and grab a bus to the big city.

When I got to the bus station a boarding announcement was made. I watched people board the bus. I started thinking that I should board the bus. My feet wouldn't move. I started to feel sick. Then I started to get angry. Then I started to think about the $100+ worth of commuter bus tickets that I had in my coat pocket. Those tickets will eventually expire and be worthless.

Freaking bus. I hate the freaking bus. I'm not taking the freaking bus. I'm going home. Maybe I can start a fire with all of those commuter tickets. Maybe I can start a fire with all those commuter tickets on the bus.

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  1. Too bad about the train. I heard the derailment caused major problems for many GO transit riders. I sympathize you with about taking the bus-I hate taking the bus.