Wednesday, July 18, 2007

First night sleeping in the condo

The Real Estate deal finally closed at about 4PM on Monday, and I was then officially a condo owner. I was expecting the deal to be closed at about 1PM, so I was getting kind of impatient.

I've been trying to figure out how to refer to the cities that I am moving from and moving to. The city that I'm moving from, and will continue to work in, is "the big city". The city that I just bought a condo in is "the little city."

This is my first night sleeping, or trying to, in my condo. My bed arrived at 10AM on Tuesday and it's comfortable like a really expensive bed should be. Unfortunately, I can't sleep. It's very quiet at night in the little city and I'm not used to it.

In the big city, my apartment faces one of the busiest streets in town. At night the background noise consists of traffic, sirens and the occasional train. In the little city, I might hear a car drive by every couple of hours. In the big city, I can sleep through police, ambulance and fire truck sirens. In the little city, the wind blowing through the trees can wake me up.

It's so quite hear, that I now know that my laptop's hard drive makes an annoying high pitched noise. That noise is really annoying and I didn't know about it until I used my laptop here, in the quiet little city.

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