Wednesday, April 11, 2007

To remain anonymous

There has been a disturbing trend in the blogosphere. People are getting into trouble for their blogging. In many cases they aren't actually doing anything wrong. Take a look at Baby Medic's Sunday, March 18, 2007 post at and to see what I'm talking about. These bloggers have run into problems even though they don't seem to have done anything wrong.

There are certain things that I shouldn't be blogging about. Posting anything that violates patient confidentiality is obviously something that shouldn't be done. I can even understand why I shouldn't be posting anything as a "disgruntled employee" or "disgruntled student".

What concerns me is that someone may take issue with something that I post and I will have defend my right to blog or stop blogging all together. If no one knows who I am, I won't have to defend anything I do. I should only have to worry about blogging and doing so in an ethical manner.

I have occasionally been tempted to tell some friends about my blog. I think I'm going to keep this blog "my little secret", so that I don't ever feel that my blogging is a threat to my career aspirations and eventual employment as a Respiratory Therapist.

I think that in time, this blog will be of great value for me as a travel down the road towards becoming a Respiratory Therapist. As an added benefit, this blog will also give people who are interested in the Respiratory Therapy profession some information about what it's like to be a Respiratory Therapy student.

For now I shall remain anonymous.

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