Thursday, November 05, 2009

Last midterm today

I write my last midterm exam today. It's on Ventilators.

I could have gotten an H1N1 vaccine yesterday, but didn't feel like waiting in line. There's still a shortage of vaccine here, so only "high risk groups" can get vaccinated now. As a Student RT, I'm considered to be in a high risk group. I'll get my shot on Friday morning, when the vaccine clinic, at school, opens again.


  1. Are you guys still allowed to go to the hospital? Our 2nd year prac has been put on hold due to the danger associated with H1N1. So Sad.

  2. Our contact with patients hasn't been restricted at all. We are considered to be in a high risk group, so vaccination is being offered to us. I got my shot on Friday. My arm still hurts.

    Our third year students are still doing their hospital practicums.

    Everyone at my school seems to know someone who has H1N1.

    They've installed wall mounted dispensers for hand sanitizers all over the place at school.

    At least one of my classmates is taking Tamiflu.