Sunday, November 22, 2009

4 weeks left

This is the busiest semester so far and, from what I've heard, the hardest semester in the program. Oddly enough, I don't find it that hard. I think I've just gotten used to the work load. I mostly just study and don't spend much time bitching about it.

I actually have to bite my tongue sometimes, so that I don't tell people how much I'm enjoying myself. That would just piss a bunch of people off. Most of my class seems to be doing fairly well with only a handful of people who are on the verge of failing. Guess which students do the most bitching and complaining.

Next week I will be writing 3 tests and doing a group presentation. After that I only have to worry about preparing for competencies and writing final exams. This semester will be all over on December 17th, when I write my last exam.

This semester has just flown by. Now there's only 4 weeks left.


  1. I've enjoyed reading your blog. I'm an SRT at a different school in Ontario, just finishing up my first semester. Any suggestions for navigating through patient sims?

  2. That's just not fair. It must be your big brain ;)

  3. We don't really do full blown patient sims, in our simulation lab, until next semester. Up until now we've just been doing patient scenarios in a lab setting.

    Lab time and sim time is precious. Don't waste it. Make an effort to do things well and try to show up prepared and ready to learn. Don't stand around and avoid doing things. If you're not comfortable doing something, that's what you should be doing, not what you should be avoiding.

  4. I did my first patient SIM today. I spent a long time standing around, waiting for blood gas results that had already arrived. The were just sitting on the printer that I didn't know was in the room.

    Doctor: Why haven't you extubated the patient yet?

    Me: We're waiting for blood gases.

    Doctor: Did you check the printer?

    Me: There's a printer? Where's the printer. Oh, that printer.